*solved* Just Jokin' JJ_Sleeves.cr2 crashes DS

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Somehow my file became corrupted and crashed any program I tried to open it with (text editors included), and eventually resulted in having to restart my PC completely. I finally wiped the outfit from my system and redownloaded it. It seems to be fine now.

What would cause a single file to suddenly corrupt and kill any program it touched? Meh.

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    Sometimes files are writen to a part of the hard drive that is itself bad. When programs try to load those files, they often can start ok, then they get garbage, then everything crashes when the drive says "I can't do that!" Sometimes a file just gets a bit mangled while downloading.

    Minor hard drive errors happen all the time and usually the drive fixes itself, and your problem is probably already dealth with. And if it was just a file mangled in downloading, then deleting and reloading fixed it completely. But I'd still recommend running chkdsk to be sure:


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