Strangeness with the Aiko 3 Fantasy Wrap

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I recently purchased the Fantasy Wrap for Aiko 3 (I'm one of those grognards who still uses Generation 3 figures... ;-) ), and when I fit the "FANTASY WRAP 2 BK" to the figure, everything is fine until I bend the figure's abdomen or move it side-to-side; then I get some serious deformation.

I suspect it may be a parenting issue (I ran into a similar problem with the Cowboy Boot for Michael 2 a few years back, but that thread has long since evaporated) and I'm going through the CR2 file line by line, to see where it differs from "FANTASY WRAP 2 FT".

Given how old this outfit is, I was hoping that somebody else might have run into this problem and solved it before me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The attached image shows how the "FANTASY WRAP 2 BK" is deforming; the figure's abdomen has been turned invisible for clarity.

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    So is the odd bit flying out, or is it being left behind?

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    So is the odd bit flying out, or is it being left behind?

    I'd say flying out.

    I think I've narrowed the weirdness down to the "bckTail01" bone, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

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    After asking around on a couple of other message boards (always cast as wide a net as possible, I always say...), it looks like the rigging problem is rather more complicated than I first thought: the Hip and 9 bcktail bones appear to be fine, but it's the rest of them that are problematic: their center points are all parked between Aiko's feet.

    The repairs I made to the left M2 Cowboy Boot and the DAZ Wyvern's toe were extremely minor compared to this.

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