meaning of small error message during render?

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anyone know the meaning of this type of error message during rendering. the rendering completes fine in all appearances.
using boudoir photo studio and lights backdrop prop during this one.

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    This error means one of the compiled shaders is corrupt.

    When you do a render, DAZ Studio compiles your shaders and optimizes your texture images for 3Delight. This data is written to the temporary file directory, which by default is in AppData/Roaming. When you exit DAZ Studio by default, it will delete all the data in these temporary directories.

    You should only run one DAZ Studio window at a time. If you run more than one, then they will corrupt the data in the temporary directory. Also the DAZ Studio process can take some time to really exit after the window disappears. Starting another window before the process really quits can cause this. If you only have small scenes loaded, this should not be a problem. I see this with huge scenes with 15+ characters and big sets.

    I think there are also some bugs in DAZ Studio that can cause this to happen with some sequence of loading and saving, but I have never been able to pin it down.

    When you get this error you can end up with one character or object which is all white or black.

    When this happens, I save my scene, exit DAZ Studio, wait to make sure the process has quit (use task manager to make sure), then start DAZ Studio again, load the scene and render again. That seems to fix the problem.

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    I have seen the message when Deep Shadow Maps are used too.

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    S2069 the interface of shader 'shader' is invalid You have specified an invalid shader to 3Delight. Try recompile the shader from the source code

    The mention of the "brickyard" in the error message, coupled with the above quote from the 3Delight manual, tells me that the bump/displacement code in your ShaderMixer shader hasn't compiled correctly.
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    i guess uninstalling and re-installing might be the fix.

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    joeinhose said:
    i guess uninstalling and re-installing might be the fix.

    Unlikely. Clearing the temp folder (get the location from Edit>Preferences) might.

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    The temp folder is where your "optimized" images are stored, you want the one next to it called shaders, in there you will find the brickyard folder, if DS has been shut down then that folder should be empty, if it isn't then delete any folder/file you find in it.

    If that doesn't work then we would need to know if it's a commercial shader your using, or if it's a self made shader what the bump/disp setup looks like.

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