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Hi, I was wondering if someone can help.

I am trying to get a character from DS4 to Vue 10 via the export Collada option. I can successfully export via OBJ but would like to use Collada as it allows to use the skeleton inside Vue.

However I am having problems with my materials as you can see from the attached Vue render. I have turned off 100% reflectivity and this is what is left material wise. Some are ok but a lot are not.

Does anyone have any tips on getting Collada export to play nicely with Vue? Or is this a feature.

Some tips on how to get the textures back inside Vue if the export can't be fixed would be helpful also.


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    OK, I have been playing around with things and I think I have made some progress. Could do with someone with more time to try this out more thoroughly.

    First I load up my model in DS and export through Collada with most of the standard settings. I then opened up this file in Carrara 8.5 beta which then allowed me to save the file out as a generic Collada not a Daz version which retained nearly all my textures except the lashes around the eyes.

    I have also downloaded the Poser trial which just threw me a curve ball as i don't think Genesis characters can't go into Poser? Not sure but gave up at that as I got nowhere with it.

    Anyone else using this combo or have any thoughts on getting even further?

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