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I'd like to thank Daz 3D for allowing me the opportunity to use their software once more. I say "once more" because I began using Daz in 2002 and found it to be intriguing at the time. Though I never wound up with a significant project, I found that experimenting with it gave me options and ideas I thought I'd never use. Thanks to Daz 3D, I can give it another try and hopefully come up with something that'll even surprise me.


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    Welcome back scandalx4, and welcome to your latest addiction, even if it's a revisited one. :coolsmirk:

    You don't mention which particular DAZ 3D software you were using then, or are using now, but a good place for n00bs to get answers to their questions is the New Users Help Forum. There's lots of friendly helpful folks there willing to help.

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    Hi Back!! I'm Front. We should get together sometime to just see what we come up with together. :-P

    Silliness aside Welcome back to the fun. Hope you have as much fun as I do with this nice toy.

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    Have fun and share when you feel comfortable. I'm sure the products really have changed a lot if it's been years since you've bought them. Don't know what Generation you had back then, but it's a whole new ballgame. :)

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    Welcome back to the forums.

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