Please help, custom morphs created with Inj Magic creating neck bulge

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Ok I am lost here. I have a V4 character I created.

I used a custom morph for her head.

When I posed her I noticed a neck bulge. It is not in the cr2.

It is only there after I create the pz with inj magic.

Can anyone help me?

I am lost...

This character is so close to being store ready but I do not have the knowledge on what is causing this or how to fix it.

Here are links to show the issue


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    Basically you need to put in a custom morph for the neck too. Make sure that you morph only the top portion of the neck to match the new head and leave the bottom portion to merge smoothly with the standard V4 morphs.

    Just make sure that Injection Magic is picking up both the head and the neck when it builds the injection pose. Each part should use the same channel.

  • SpookieLilOneSpookieLilOne Posts: 96
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    Thanks. I think I have it all sorted out now :)

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