[Positive Thread] Thank you, DAZ

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I'll preface my post with this: if you have a reason to be pissed off at DAZ, and want to gripe about the shape of things, please do it elsewhere, okay? :down: You got a whole forum for that. I want at least one positive thoughts thread, because right now this thing means a lot to me.

Some folks might have heard that today has been a craptastic day to me; one of those days when stress just piles on and there's nothing you can do about it (the exact details aren't important right now, it is just a massive cluster**** of suck). On top of that, it was raining and thundering (which I would usually welcome, but not today), so I couldn't even tear my butt off the chair and go outdoors wandering about, or maybe get an ice cream. So I decided to engage in retail therapy. Hey, if I can't get ice cream...

But wait. Isn't today Tuesday? Isn't that the day when the freebies are unleashed upon us, usually? Well, who knows, people may be too busy... what if I wait a bit? Strigoi is sitting in my basket, so let's give it some company if it happens soon enough.

Refresh... refresh... refresh... oh hey, new stuff. Hmmm, a bit expensive, all in all... but I shall wishlist them all, they look like stuff I would use eventually in my renders. Nothing particularly grabbing in Fast Grab -- dragon is sweet (because I lurve dragons), but I want the bundle. Is this it? Let's wait, maybe more stuff comes up. Hey, newsletter! Hmm hmm hmmm... all wishlisted... wait. How come the sushi set doesn't have a price on it?

OMG. Sushi set is the freebie. OMG OMG OMG.

Cue instant joy-splosion! Squeal with happy! We get a free sushi set created by blondie9999!!!

Now, as silly as this kinda sounds, it just... well, felt good. After all the crap that had happened, there was a little ray of sunshine; I'm sure that there's a gazillion free sushi sets, but this particular one had caught my eye, as the delicate decorations of the plates and realistic cut of food is something I've grown to associate with quality goods, in real life as well.

Seeing something so pretty and knowing that I'm getting it as a free gift? Thank you, DAZ. Thank you, blondie9999. Sometimes the little things do make a world of difference. In this case, I can focus on something neat, and forget my Real Life worries for a while.

Maybe I'll render an ancient vampire trying this strange food out of curiosity...


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    Thank you for this thread!!!

    Daz... thank you so much for everything you do for both the customer and quality of the products! :-)

    I've been here for years and you are still the 1st place I buy things from.

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    I'm still happy that Daz Studio 4 went free. The Standard 32bit version was so slow to render so the 64bit upgrade was very welcome. Over time I even started to use some of the more advanced features that are in Pro so I'm thankful for that.

    Free Sushi? Is it unflatable? I have a silly render idea for that...

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    I've never had a serious problem with DAZ, the one time I had to call their service they were very helpful and polite. The stuff I have bought here has always worked pretty well, and I've never had to return anything. Even though I bought DS Studio Pro, I was pretty happy when they made it free, I thought it was a really smart way to get new people (which this hobby desperately needed) and seems to have worked for them. So, not much to fault them for really. I don't personally care for the aesthetics of the new site and forums, but that's probably just me, I talked to someone else who quite liked it.

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    I'm just a four year Daz user but I go back to DS2.3 and have EVERY version from then upto DS4.5 RC2. Over 90% of my content is DAZ content, almost everything I know about 3D I learned here at DAZ or was pointed to by another DAZ user. Even if I'm in a none render mood I find friendship and Fun topics to keep me entertained in the DAZ Forums. Daz 3D and Daz Studio in it's many forms have given me DAYS full of happy hours over the years. I have no problems at all, I'm just glad to have a place to come and software I enjoy using. All that over comes anything like the little nit picky stuff. Enjoy today, for tomorrow may never come, I say.

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    I also want to thank DAZ3D for that nice freebie, as I like sushi so very much :)

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    I've had a bunch of problems with Daz, orders and the website, but I'll say that when they do it well, they really do it well. They refunded me the difference on a purchase I made before it went on sale, were nice, friendly and prompt and the credit went a long way towards buying some things I'd wanted for a while which made today really quite nice.

    And the sushi freebie is lovely. I've got plans for that already. :D

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    I want to thank Ann and Britney. They have been most helpful when I was having a problem and were more than generous towards me. They certainly have given me a positive attitude towards DAZ.

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    My lengthy post got lost somehow, so I'll just say I agree with pretty much all of the above. Thanks! :)

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    Sorry to hear your day was so rough.

    Very happy to hear you enjoyed the non-edible sushi.

    Best of Luck!

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    The few times I have had to contact Daz customer support, they have supported me well. :-)

    The sushi looks tasty indeed! Here's something that might make a scene more complete with the sushi:
    (not my item, but I knew I had seen it)

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    Nice idea for a thread. I may grumble now and again but on the whole I'm quite happy with Daz. Hopefully my criticisms have been taken as constructive and my sly little taunts have been received with a smile. I always wish the best for Daz and hope they succeeded in whatever insane strategy they plan to the surprise the industry with next. Giving three premier products away for free was quite a shocker. Also I like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to the content providers too, their hard work, dedication and creativity. P.S. more support for Daz Studio please. ;-)

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    Hope your day got better Skiriki, and I agree with all the posters. The vast majority of my dealings with DAZ have been positive, their customer service always tries to get you the outcome you want, even if your crap at explaining it to them, and I prefer DAZ to all the other content providers out there in DAZ/Poser land due to their excellent products and service.

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    Let me add my thanks, first to Skiriki for making this Topic, it is awesome to see something like this topic around and I think the prefix should be built into the DazForums once the Team gets around to building prefixes ^^
    I hope you're feeling better and I wish you that it'll stay that way or at least, that you'll always find something that will make you smile again :)

    I'd also like to say thanks to the community (including the forumteam and the dazzers!) here... even though sometimes I don't even open a topic because just simply looking at the title already spoils my mood... (and please keep the titles that way so I know where not to lurk) ... whenever one needs help, there will always be someone in this community who will offer what ever help s/he can. And there are always topics and postings that make me smile, giggle and laugh (sometimes even spit on my screen whatever I just 'drank' out of laughter).

    And of course there's also a Thanks to the DAZ-People... I don't envy you right now... guess I will envy you soon enough again once you're having one of the coolest jobs in the world again ;) No matter what is written here you do your best, you keep civil and you try to solve problems. Besides that you gave people like me the opportunity to create something that I couldn't create otherwise. I will admit that I would have never started using a 3D Programm if I had to pay for it... but DAZ!Studio was free and it got me hooked ^^

    And to the PAs and/or Freebiecreators - who sometimes also have to deal with not so nice reactions, but still continue creating awesome content - Thanks! For your endurance as well as for your ideas and work... and your sales too :P

    (edit: and someday I will learn, that I now have to make two breaks instead of one... and then it will be changed... as it always happens :D )

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    I never cease to be amazed that these folks manage to put up with the sheer volume of abject crap that comes with being part of a small business (having worked for a few, myself, I can say that), and they still put out so much good stuff, and are making sufficient profits to make random good stuff affordable on a regular basis. Well done, DAZ. *applauds*

    Also? Yay, sushi. I spotted this week's newsletter while in a room with other people, and the sound of sheer delight and amusement was ... hilariously misunderstood.

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    New freebie: Sushi Time Two

  • SkirikiSkiriki Posts: 4,936
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    Yes! My first sushi set is no longer so lonely! Thank you, DAZ! Thank you, blondie9999.

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