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Im a genisis fool

gaffer2gaffer2 Posts: 65
edited December 1969 in Poser Discussion

I have poser 2014 pro 64 bit, I have loaded dson and still cant seem to get all the Genesis content to show up! in poser library it has a genesis tab and some stuff is there but I load new files and they dont show up! poser says it loaded them to the genesis file but I don't know where, as all the runtimes I look in on the hard drive don't seem to contain the unzipped content !!! help!


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,444
    edited December 1969

    Usually that indicates either that you didn't install the DSON core files, just the Poser Companion Files (PoserCF zip) or that it wasn't isntalled to the correct place - ideally you want to install both to the same Poser external library, so that the \Data folder 9which has all the geometry and rigging information) is in the same folder as the Runtime folder that holds the Poser files.

  • gaffer2gaffer2 Posts: 65
    edited December 1969

    i rechecked everything it looks like poser created addtional file structure when unzipping content is the a fiel structure list for genesis so I might relocate the missing files correctly?

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,444
    edited December 1969

    You don't want the Content folder, unless your external library is called Content. Don't use the Poser installer on the DAZ zips as you will get the extra folder - either unpack manually or use the DAZ Install Manager. If you are a Windows user simply cutting everything from the \Content folder and pasting it into the actual Poser library folder (the one that holds the Runtime folder) should work.

  • gaffer2gaffer2 Posts: 65
    edited December 1969

    Richard thanks but no go !
    there are files that poser won't recognize I am sure there are many poser users that have worked this out but many that have just given up so you don't see them.
    tell me
    where does manifest go in poser structured runtime? is it needed? data? should the mats file that is in

    people, genesis, clothing,bobbie25,mats
    go in poser structure under mats?

  • gaffer2gaffer2 Posts: 65
    edited December 1969

    used install manager ,loaded my daz library from : c drive / users / public / public documents / my daz library

    poser seems to see that thanks for the help!!

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