pin (magnet) tool for piercings to "meshpoints" not to whole bodyparts.

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For some of my renders I use piercings. Bodyparts are lips, brows, nose, nipples, belly. The problem I have it, that I can parent the objects just to bodyparts like head, chest, torso and I have to fix the values (transforms) everytime I use another pose or expression because the lips, nose, brows, breast or the belly is moving but the object do not follow exactly the point they were positioned before. sure they follow, but not exactly, what is extrem for belly or nipples or lips.

So I know that V4.2 is past and ds3 also, but here is my question/suggestion.

Is it possible to create a pin-tool for the mesh itself for v4.2, ds3 and genesis and ds4?

I do also not know if the ds software "knows" in someway every position of every point of the mesh (you know what I mean?) but if it knows the positions it must be possible to pin objects to defined "meshpoints" so the objects follow exactly not the bodypart but the "meshpoint" if pinned on it.

you know what I mean?

you have the deformer tool which you can scale and position (d-formerfield) so it just covers a part of the mesh. It must be possible that after positioning that d-formerfiel over a mesharea, to press enter and to mark the mesharea in some way so one can pin an object not to the bone of the bodypart but on the marked mesharea.

If I can d-form a mesharea and the d-formed area looks allways the same, no matter what pose or expression you have, than it must be possible to pin something on that area.

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    That isn't possible, but it would be a good candidate for a feature request. Maybe it could be extended from the way rigidity maps work (for fitted figures matching morphs) in DS4.

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