Souless Empathy's Bar Interior

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i got this awesome product when it first came out but didnt get to playing with it till the other day. Been working on a big crowded bar scene.. so it is gonna take me a bit to get everything working right. the one thing i have noticed though...the raytracing and reflections are killing my render time!! but it is fine....i just gotta "Frankenstein" the scene.

But um....the main reason im posting this is because.....

DOES ANYONE HAVE A LIGHT SET OR LIGHT SETS FOR POSER......or do you know if SOuless Empathy has made any?

the one i made

thanks in advance.


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    Do the DS lights come into Poser at all? I know Poser lights do load in DS, but the colors and brightness are way off, so sometimes I just line up a DS light with the Poser light, and then delete the Poser light. This at least gives me the orientation, and then I kind of guestimate the color and intensity and stuff. Not sure if it would work that way with a DS set in Poser, or if DS lights would even load at all.

    If they didn't, you could maybe get the free version of DS, load up the light set and then just put in some primitives in as reference objects (like a cylinder lined up at the right distance and angle) where the lights are, and then save the primitives out and load them into Poser as a reference, and line Poser lights up with that. If recall correctly the light types are fairly close, I think that point lights were the biggest difference. There's probably a much better way to do this, but it's what I could come up with off the top of my head.

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    HI yes big render hits for all the reflective surfaces, but you can turn off reflect on materials in the materials room - in this image I turned off the reflect on the trim on the left side ceiling trim and wallpapers and fittings and upped the reflect values on the entrance ceiling and floor. . 8 point lights for this scene, basically in the same positions as the light fittings, all high intensities (ie .more than 100, some 300-600) with attenuation set to 3 poser units, except those illuminating the G2 and P3Da lores figures. Those are set to .3 poser units attenuation and placed real close to the figures. I set ambience on the light fittings to .5 ambient value in the materials room to minimise self shadow, and turned off shadows on most lights to eliminate multiples. Hope that helps.

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    thank you very much ps1borg!! gonna give it a go

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    It also renders well with LuxRender: (deviantART link)

    Course, LuxRender is not going to win any render speed awards, either...

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