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INJPMD plugin from DeltaX15
Posted: 09 July 2012 10:10 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi there,

I’m working in Poser for a little while and bought the Terra Dome at RDNA.
The Morphs for the terrains working with .pz2 and separate .pmd files.

Before I get to Poser I’m using DS4 Pro and I’m still in a community for DAZ.
Now I’m searching for a possibility that all my friends in this DAZ community could use the Terra Dome Items as well and I find
the INJPMD plug-in for DAZ. Download the Beta-Version for DS4 -  INJPMD_4.0.1.9

But I can’t get it working.
I see the plug-in in the Edit-Menu and after click on it there opens a window to locate my .pz2.
The scripts is running, but then there is an error note.

It says “some morphs were not loaded, please check the log file for detail”.
In the log file I found this:

Importing LandMass.cr2 ...
Reading RDNA_TD_LandMass.obj
Time to load file: 879.197 ms
Imported: LandMass.cr2
Building Scene…
File loaded in 0 min 1.0 sec.
Loaded file: LandMass.cr2
WARNING: Cannot find vertex map for bone LandMasspmd_0.
Importing CliffsOfDoom_INJ.pz2 ...
Time to load file: 18.044 ms
Imported: CliffsOfDoom_INJ.pz2
Building Scene…
File loaded in 0 min 0.1 sec.
Loaded file: CliffsOfDoom_INJ.pz2
WARNING: Cannot find vertex map for bone LandMasspmd_0.
Importing GiantsCauseway_INJ.pz2 ...
Time to load file: 29.4988 ms
Imported: GiantsCauseway_INJ.pz2
Building Scene…
File loaded in 0 min 0.3 sec.
Loaded file: GiantsCauseway_INJ.pz2

I tried to load the Cliffs of Dome and the Giants Causeway for the Landmass.obj.

Maybe someone knows, what I have to do, to get it work.
Thanks a lot.

Greetings from Germany

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IIRC Delta’s plugin was a beta for the early versions of DS4 and probably wont work for anyone using DS4.5, on top of that DS4 has a few issues with PMD morphs, so it’s no real surprise your getting errors.

Turn off external binary morphs and stick to embedding the deltas in the Poser script files ie cr2, hr2, pp2 & pz2.


**shuffles of with a new headache** tongue wink