Can I import facial animation into Daz 4 for Genesis

I am using Zign Track 2 for facial mocap. Is it possible to import this data into Daz to animate the face of my Genesis character?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I had never heard of it so looked it up
    it says it creates animated pz2 files for Poser and Daz studio, I would presume for M4 and V4 since Poser does not use Genesis except as a converted cr2
    Genesis needs GenX to create morphs from ones for M4 & V4, doubt if this could be animated though but if the phoneme data and other possible used facial morphs were all transfered over, maybe a script could be made to use the pose file.
    someone else who has it might know, I am only guessing.
    I realize I am not being very helpful posting this!!

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    Could I ask what your experience with Zign Track 2 has been? This looks promising if it works as well as the demo / tutorial suggests.

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    I do have ZT2 but I haven't found the time, nor the markers, to properly experiment. I haven't heard of anyone using it with Genesis just yet, it may be useful to contact the creator(s) of ZT2. For V4 and M4 you need to edit the registry, if you are on Windows, adding the keys contained in this thread:
    There was another thread: . Thinking back on that thread comments, green markers would be the best, I think, as shown in one of the ZT2 youtube videos. I believe the program reads luminance from the video stream, so a saturated green would jump out and make detection easier.
    I really have no idea where to get good markers, though.

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    Thanks for the links to the old forum, sounds like it's currently unreliable and not worth the hassle. What a shame I would love to incorporate this into some animation I'm working on.

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