Question about Mesh Smoothing in DS4P

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Is mesh smoothing an all-or-nothing option? That is, can I only apply it to the entire figure I'm working on, or can I limit it to only certain portions of the figure? For example, if I want to smooth out V4's shoulder, I have to smooth the entire V4 figure, and that can lead to issues with unwanted smoothing in other places, especially her face (causes creasing around her upper eyelids and messes with her expressions). I'm not proficient enough with D-Formers to attempt area-specific smoothing just yet. Thanks...

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    Hi Sarsifus...

    Yes the Mesh Smoothing is All or Nothing at this time. In the first releases of DS4 you had to apply it to each node of the figure, but that was changed to the base node early on. I believe the main reason for this was the amount of memory being used by all of the smoothing operations occurring.

    You could try lowering the smoothing iterations to balance out your needs, but probably the best solution would be one of the available joint fix morph sets. There are a few different ones available. I believe ones in the Daz store and another at Renderocity.

    Hope this helps... :)

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