Bryce and Touch Screens (Windows 8)

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I'm getting ready to buy a new laptop and considering a touch screen. I'm curious: how much of Bryce is touch screen accessible? I'm guessing that you can zoom in and zoom out by pinching or spreading your fingers...

What else is there? For example, can you add a terrain by touching the terrain icon, or move a keyframe by sliding your finger along the animation timeline?

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    @aarrgghhh - to my knowledge, Bryce is not touch-screen aware. It is operated with the mouse (and short-cut keys). Question is whether the touch-screen can be made to work like the mouse.

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    In my experience, Bryce doesn't like absolute input methods. I can't use my wacom pen for all functions and have to switch to mouse.

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    You might want to think about that. I just got a new laptop with widows 8 and the touchscreen and metrotile thing. I have installed Daz 4 which works great, and Bryce 7 pro which doesn't work at all. Oh you can open it and render but you can't adjust the ground plane or use any of the side controls to adjust the scene. If you touch the trackingball at all the whole scene just spins around and cannot be reocovered. You also can't use the little hand to move the scene around so the scene is always half ground and half sky. I have gone to multiple forums to try to get information about this or a fix for it but so far I haven't had any luck. Someone suggested that I buy a mouse instead ot using the touchpad, which I did, but it didn't change anything. I have had a few people tell my that they have the same set up and it is working fine so it might be ok for you. Just an FYI from a very frustrated bryce user.

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    Thank you, everyone. ivegonedigital, I'm almost afraid to ask: What brand of laptop are you using?

    BTW, maybe if you disable the built in mouse in the device manager (Windows Key + R, type in devmgmt.msc, click OK) the USB mouse will work properly.

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    Thank you for the reply! I will give your suggestion a try. I have a Dell which came with Windows 8 installed.

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