Maybe .duf should be .doh instead?

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I'm glad I saved the scene as .daz (just in case) before saving it in the new .duf format. This wasn't exactly the look I was intending ....

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    That's happened to me a few times too and I haven't heard any explanation yet. Completely agree about .duf being .doh, lol

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    I used to occasionally get a similar effect in DS 3 and I discovered that it was caused by having Display Optimisation switched on.

    I'm sure it's something to do with the format, but it might be worth checking to see if it's On/Off.


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    that often happend to some people.(I do not believe it happen to only a few people)

    I asked about that but, I do not get clear answer too.

    because daz studio 4.5 is "RC ver".

    so I wrote " I think the old seanes may not reuse in daz 4.5 on some case,
    please tell me the way how to save seanes on daz 4.0.3 now
    and will reuse it on 4,5 safety"

    now I perfectly ignore about ds 4.5 rc2 ver.

    even if someone say that is cool, good, and official support tell me you may want to try daz 4.5,
    the problem is solved on 4.5,,
    I never use 4.5 rc2 before it become products ver, and I can get official support.

    (I think , why daz just update the daz 4.0.3 pro (products ver)
    which remove the problems now they solved in 4.5rc before they rerease 4.5RC2)

    ofcourse DAZ may solve the problem when they release ds 4.5 as gold version.
    (I beleive so and they say so)

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