Tutorial - Creating a custom fit morp with dynamic cloth

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Hi all,
I've come up with a method of reversing the shape of dynamic clothes into morphs which can be applied to "normal" conforming clothes for a proper custom fit.

The result is a better fit around the breasts, no more of the "shrink wrap" look, plus you get realistic folds in the material, especially around the joints.
Think of it as having a tailor do a proper fit for whatever clothes you desire, regardless of the body shape.
What we're going to do is use the dynamic cloth to make a body cast, reverse the shape and turn it into a morph which can be applied to Genesis and thus transferred to normal clothes.

I used the Dynamic Bodysuit for V4, but if you're just after a fix for the cleavage shrink wrap look then go grab the free Tube top for V4 off the Optitex website.
I also have the extended dynamic cloth plugin that lets you adjust the material zones to shrink/expand them as required, but there's a free set of material presets you can try on the Optitex website too.

I'm only going to cover the basic steps here, I recommend you read the various dynamic cloth tutorials and experiment, getting a good fit can take practice.

The basic steps are:
1. Drape the dynamic cloth.
2. Apply a smoothing modifier to Genesis.
3. In the Genesis Properties, set the Collision Item to the the dynamic cloth - Genesis should now take on the shape of the dynamic cloth!
4. Click the Interactive Update button.
5. Hide the dynamic cloth.
6. Send Genesis to Hexagon and then send it straight back from Hexagon - I just do this to make the morph.
7. Save your morph.

To use the morph with normal clothes:
8. Add a small amount of the morph to Genesis, such as 0.001%.
9. Go to the normal clothes properties, enable the "Show Hidden Properties" option and find your morph.
10. Increase your morph as required.

Yes, the idea of reversing a shape from dynamic clothes may sound odd, but it works, I've tried this numerous times to get a better fit or add realism without having to go back and too in ZBrush or Hexagon.

Some tips:
11.In step 3 you may need to change the Smoothing type to Generic, try it and see which you prefer.
12.If the tube top or whatever dynamic item keeps slipping, pin it in place - make some thin cylinders, poke them through the cloth and Genesis and then set the cloth to collide with the cylinders in the Dynamic Cloth tab.
13. Do an animated drape, it doesn't have to be 30 frame, even 10 or 15 frames will be better than single frame drape.
14. You may get away with hiding the dynamic cloth, adding a Smoothing Modifier to the conforming clothes and setting the conforming clothes to collide with the dynamic, it doesn't work with everything but it's a quick fix and saves making a morph sometimes.
15. Try adding a Smoothing Modifier to the dynamic cloth too, it may improve the final results, just use a low Itteration setting and set the Smoothing Type to Generic.

My time online is unavoidably very limited at the moment, I hope that if you have any questions about draping etc that other members will be able to help you, otherwise I'll try and answer your questions next time I'm able to get online.

I do hope that this will inspire people to try out ideas and experiments no matter how weird they may seem, see what happens when you use tools in a way they where never intended.


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    Coolness!!!!! O_o Thanks for posting this!

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