Bryce 7 Pro Content File Rejected As Not Safe

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Hello. I use Norton Internet Security 2012, when I download the "BryceContent_7.0.0.21_Win.exe" file, Norton removes it as not safe. The reason given is the security reponse "WS.Reputation.1", which seems to mean that the file has a low reputation score based on "the wisdom of crowds".

Is this file safe, and should I recover it from quarantine?

I've downloaded thousands of files from DAZ and this is the first time this has happened.

Many thanks for your help.


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    It's perfectly safe. Norton has a tendency to flag a lot of files from here because the market is relatively small. If you're really worried, release it from quarantine and have Norton or another AV scan it -- it won't find anything.

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    Yes it's safe, the reputation thing norton uses is a wonderful idea in theory but in practice, for something like 3D content that appeals to a relatively small market you're not going to have a whole bunch of people reporting it as safe right off the bat and so you'll get false alarms like that. Which is frustrating because then you have to take the time to go to where norton quarentined it and tell norton it's safe which is a pain if you're busy with other things.

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    I suspected as much. Thanks again for your help.

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