UN'baking to daz studio timeline' from animate

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Once i have 'baked' an animation to the daz time line and I would like to re edit my animation how can i clear the daz animation timeline?


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    This is assuming you're using DS4. Select your figure. On the Parameters menu at the top left there's a little arrow. Clicking that gives you a menu. Choose Clear Animation > Cleare Figure (or whichever option suits - if you have morphs, then you might want to use Clear Figure Pose).

    Picture shows the menu option:

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    I use DAZ3D v4.x 

    I want model with animation for maya.... How to bake animation from Daz3d ? Please. Thank.

  • Replied in your own thread http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/61002/ . Please don't post the same question in mutliple places.

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    Richard I think this one is going in the opposite direction LOL.  That one was to bake, this one is to UNBAKE.

    You can save the baked animation to an Animate block (aniblock) if you want. If you don't need to keep it then you can just delete all the keyframes from the timeline.

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