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O.K. I bought Poser 9, and would like to know how to put items I have bought into Poser 9? Do I need The power loaders? Do I need the Morphs ++ for V4 in Poser? Any help would be great. Thank you in advance.

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    You do not need the power loaders as those are Studio specific. You don't have to have the ++ morphs in Studio or Poser for V4 to work and textures to load, but a lot of purchased characters use the ++ morphs, and it adds a lot of versatility to V4.

    The V4 base and any additional morphs you purchase such as the ++ pack need to be in the same runtime. An updater script has to run to update V4 when you install morph packs (to add the additional channels for the new morph dials). This should run automatically. After installing, if injecting the new morph doesn't seem to work, it is probably because the V4 updater hasn't run correctly.

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    Thank you fivecat. But, I still need to know how to put them in Poser. I have it my D:/ drive. Would I load it as: D:/Poser 9/ Or D:/Poser 9/Runtime? I need to get V4 into Poser. Also, will the V 1&2, M 1&2 work in Poser.

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    You would install it to D:/Poser 9/ You most always will point installers to one folder up from the runtime folder. Is this a zip file or an executable installer?

    Yes, you can use V1, V2, M1 and M2 in Poser. You may also want to look at the free character AntoniaWM (weight mapped). People are making textures, morphs and clothing for her available at other content sites. There is also a free weight mapped version of V4 available at I think RDNA, but you need to be comfortable running a poser script.

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    The V4 installer is an old one from the Poser 6 era which will tell you you have to install V4 to the Poser application folder. This is NOT required since P7sr3 and will cause V4 to NOT work on Vista or Win7. To get around it, choose "DAZ Studio" as the application instead of Poser when installing -- it installs the same files, but won't throw a hissy fit because it doesn't see poser.exe in the folder containing the runtime.

    BTW, if you have content already installed, you don't need to reinstall it in Poser 9; inside Poser 9 you can add external runtime folders.

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    fivecat and fixmypcmike,
    I have XP 32 bits, I use an external hard drive to run my programs from. I have Daz 4 Pro (that I bought) that also runs from the external hard drive. I only have the Poser 9 on this computer. I don't know how to use Poser at all. Other than one picture I made with what came with Poser. But, it is pulling up the runtime from my Daz 4 Pro. But, no V4 there. I don't need the meta data put in Poser do I? Thank you both for the help.

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    I use poser 7 & pro2012 & Daz 3a
    I keep my runtime files on 2 external HHD - 2 TB drives
    I share my runtimes files with my poser and daz program with no problems
    I have 3 runtimes
    one runtime just for characters and morphs, and their clothing and accessories & lights
    I have another runtime just for environments & lights and special props like Cars, Boats & vfx tools, read me files and end user licenses etc etc. etc....
    and my 3rd runtime just for external shaders and textures custom lights and other custom stuff I made myself
    I do not use any of the meta data or uninstallers. in poser and daz3a, they don't work anyways in those programs

    Please don't ask me anything about Daz4 I'm to stupid to figure it out to make it work correctly, or it just don't like my win 7 computer.lol
    I also install everything into a Sandbox file first before i move it permanently to my runtimes. only because I'm OCD when it comes to what I use and install in my computer drive(s)
    You can share and add runtime files in both poser and Daz by going to your Edit Tab on top of each of the programs scroll down to preference then click the content manager and choose the runtime files manually :)
    At least that is what works for me :)

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    This may help you better witcheStorm
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