What did I do, and how do I undo it?

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I'm using DS4.5 RC2 on a Mac.

A few days ago, I was messing around with the various options under File:Save, and apparently did something I shouldn't have. Now, every Genesis figure, whether new or loaded from a .DUF file, comes with the morphs I was using at the time dialed up. What did I do wrong, and how do I get back to just using the base Genesis shape?


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    You've encountered one of the single biggest drawbacks to the .DSF/.DUF format, it's far to easy to overwrite the files by accident, on top of that the overwrites are usually in the compressed format, which makes it even harder to fix the problem.

    As long as the files haven't been compressed when they were overwritten you can edit them in a text editor and reset the value back to zero, if they have been compressed then your going to have to do it in DS, or you could uninstall everything and reinstall it to get back the original files.

    First thing to try is to load Genesis into an empty scene, zero the morphs either manually or by using one of the parameters tab's options, then go "File>>Save as>>Scene..." and give it a name other than Genesis.

    If your Genesis.duf file still loads with the morphs dialed then chances are you've overwritten it with a scene .duf and the values are set in it (easy to do, load Genesis and click the save icon and you have a scene .duf rather than a character .duf), zero the morphs yet again and this time go "File>>Save as>>Character Preset", call it whatever you like, but from now on use that file to load Genesis into your scene.

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    I do not use ds4.5 but I had same trouble, one weeks ago.
    and there were another user who had the same trouble in this forum ,too.

    so if my experience may help you something,,

    we could correct it by uninstalled "morphs for genesis" which has changede default value,
    (eg m4shape for genesis, or Aiko4, hitomi or another products morph for genesis)

    and reinstalled them.

    "genesis.duf " load genesis with every morphs (controller) for genesis.

    and the morphs value should be "0", but I think you overwrote some of morphs.

    After load new genesis, then check and find which morphs of genesis default value had changed.
    (check controller) not only body, but also faces.

    if you know which morph has changed, it seems easy. just uninstall the moprhs (changed value)and
    check load genesis, then reinstall them.

    (as myself , I used "save modified assets" of property editor when I apply another inj. morph file )

    I hope you get buck genesis.

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    (as myself , I used "save modified assets" of property editor when I apply another inj. morph file )

    To fix that you need to load Genesis, open the property editor tab, dial the affected morphs back to zero and then use "save modified assets" again to replace the changed files.

    The property editor doesn't edit the files to add the changes, it completely replaces them with the information it has, so if you happen to have dialed a morph to check it and didn't return it to zero then that setting will be added to the file.

    Like I said, not a particularly good format or system, as it's far to easy for "clueless users" to make a total ass out of their files if they are using DS4P.
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    Hi Bejaymac

    I felt so before . but if I use save modified aseets with every morph turned "0",
    It may not be fixed.

    because, modified value are not only "current value".

    if I change the value of some morph and use modified assets,
    the problem may not happen. modified assets is not concern about the current value of morphs.

    some (or a few) "inj morph files" for genesis (I think , it is often sold by other shop)
    change other morps "default value". so if I "reset" the parameter on controller gear of morph,they do not turn 0 value.
    the value chaged "modified default value."

    and if manu> figure> shape reset, teh values of them turned 0, but default value of morph had not changed.
    they keep the modifeid value.

    and overwrite the morph file (of course which comes with rem file,
    and they do not imagine,
    somepeople use modified assets after applied inj file.)

    my inj morph is one of such products.
    (I do not know some inj moprh sold in daz shop change the default morph value too,
    inj type morphs which I bought in daz shop,It seems they just applied and change current value,
    not change default value.)

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    Well, after digging through the data folder, I figured out what I did.

    File>Save As>Support Asset>Morph Asset(s)...

    This created new copies of every morph I own in the base Genesis Morphs folder, with values set to the dial positions at the time I saved. Getting rid of these copies fixed the problem - Genesis no longer loads with those morphs dialed. Unfortunately, every scene I've worked on since the problem started points to the new copies, and since they're compressed DUF files, I can't even go in and manually edit them to point to the originals.

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