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Coming Soon - exclusive Robo lympics freebies....

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As some of you might recall from my Xmas Robot Freebie... In a galaxy slighty further away than a walk to the chemists, the metallic inhabitants of the Planet Bob like to watch TV from the Planet Earth and reenact what they see. Unfortunately at times our mechincal friends do tend to lose a little in translation....

This time around, the bots and droids have been fascinated by the run-up to some summer sporting events and decided to run their own version of it. So first up is..

TorchieBot. he's a bit of a grumpy fella as he's trying to give up smoking.

Other models will be shown here once I've made them.

Please note, this freebie has no relation to any minor corporate event happening in London. Honest guv :)
Seriously though these are purely parody pieces, nothing else.

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  • cimairacimaira Posts: 0
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    ohhhh, very cool!!

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,675
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    Does Torchiebot come with a jet pack , or even grips to allow him to use a zipwire ?

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    chohole said:
    Does Torchiebot come with a jet pack , or even grips to allow him to use a zipwire ?

    If you turn him upside down and make him burp he'll take off :)

    Seriousy though, nope, but if you have an idea for a robotic athlete. Post it here and I might make it.

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    OK, todays update. The CoppaBot - designed to protect TorchieBot from any naughty people and to ensure all robo-citizens WILL enjoy the games...

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    600 x 600 - 33K
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