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Thanks for Wolf King update

SnowSultanSnowSultan Posts: 1,797
edited December 1969 in The Commons

Just wanted to say thank you for updating Wolf King to work with the Genesis 2 Male. I hope to see more of Ravenhair's outfits converted for the Genesis 2 figures, they're really useful, great for mixing and matching with other outfits, and Moyra's textures for them are beautiful.


  • jakibluejakiblue Posts: 4,068
    edited December 1969

    was there an update in DIM? I haven't seen an update as yet, so was just curious?

  • SnowSultanSnowSultan Posts: 1,797
    edited December 1969

    No, it's a new PC item in the store. I don't mind buying some content again for Genesis 2 because even after buying addons and utilities, I've never had much luck getting older content to fit the newer figures all that well.

  • CypherFOXCypherFOX Posts: 3,000
    edited December 1969

    Plus there were some exceptional textures released for Wolf King, and I'm really happy to see they kept texture compatibility!

    -- Morgan

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