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Losing Smart Content / Products / Categories Data Constantly
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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go through that process (documented in the Help area) to restore my product folder content. The database seems to be so easily screwed up.

Sometimes my macbook pro will go to sleep, and won’t wake up. I’ll have to power it off. If DAZ is up when that happens, occasionally, it comes back with all the content gone from the product and category areas. I’ve worked so hard to organize Poser & DAZ content into those categories.

I’ve made backup copies of the DAZ folder where the content management databases are, but now I find I can’t get a recovery even with that. I’m going to have to uninstall and re-install DAZ and the DIM program again.

Anyone else getting content grief?


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Are you sure the database is actually being corrupted? It does happen, way more frequently than it should to some people, but a much more common glitch is that the CMS (content management service) which reads the database has simply stopped. If that’s what happens to you, then you might not need to toss out your old database and start again. Have you tried closing D|S and turning the CMS back on again? Does it make any difference if you restart your computer? (I just noticed you’re on a Mac, I’m not sure how you get at the CMS start/stop controls as they’re very different from Windows. You might have to wait for a Mac user to spot this thread.)


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To start and stop the DAZ Content Management Service, you want:

/Library/DAZ 3D/Content Management Service/utilities/Start DAZ Content Management
Library/DAZ 3D/Content Management Service/utilities/Stop DAZ Content Management 

In the directory /Library/DAZ 3D/Content Management Service/vlogs you will find the Valentina logs.  Some are small, and contain stuff like:

Wed Jan  8 2014 17:35:06.358052 DAZ Content Management Service (4.8.1Kernel 4.8.1 )
Licence license_emb_4422548148518942 is registered to DAZ3D.
Valid until 9999-12-31. Subscription valid until 2013-02-08.
Maximum number of connections

Wed Jan  8 2014 17
:35:06.483016 (TID 140735078433552): VProject facilities are disabled since no appropriate license found
Wed Jan  8 2014 17
:35:06.483047 (TID 140735078433552): Server started
Wed Jan  8 2014 17
:35:06.483055 (TID 140735078433552): Non-secure port27997
Thu Jan  9 2014 14
:27:21.910321 (TID 4318339072): (UID 11ERROR 0x8250AWrong deployment serial.
Thu Jan  9 2014 15:16:24.976292 (TID 4318875648): (UID 11ERROR 0x8250AWrong deployment serial

Some are long, and contain long repeated intervals of:

Wed Jan  8 2014 16:21:20.278665 (TID 4386156544): (UID 11ERROR 0x99503"FILE:
FUNCTION: BinarySearch LINE: 497" 
Varchar data "" is corrupted.

Wed Jan  8 2014 16:21:20.279559 (TID 4386693120): (UID 11ERROR 0x99503"FILE:
FUNCTION: BinarySearch LINE: 497" 
Varchar data "" is corrupted.

Wed Jan  8 2014 16:21:20.280438 (TID 4316729344): (UID 11ERROR 0x99503"FILE:
FUNCTION: BinarySearch LINE: 497" 
Varchar data "" is corrupted.

Wed Jan  8 2014 16:21:20.281422 (TID 4386156544): (UID 11ERROR 0x99503"FILE:
FUNCTION: BinarySearch LINE: 497" 
Varchar data "" is corrupted

The latter kind of file probably means it’s corrupted.  I have no idea what the errors in the first kind of file mean.

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