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Really Excited by G2 Legacy Shapes - Question on D5 UVs
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I’m really excited about having the Legacy Shapes available for G2!  I have all of Slosh’s products and they are all uniformly excellent and used frequently.  Thanks for bringing these into the ‘gene pool’.

I have G2Male uVs for M4 & M5 - did I miss a product along the way?  Are there UVS for David 5 available for G2 as well?  I actually really liked the textures available for the D5 characters and was hoping to bring them into the G2 mix.  I appreciate how transferring UVs is a difficult (and probably laborious) process so I am more than happy to pay for that kind of product, but I might be in a minority, since D5 doesn’t seem as popular as other characters.

Again, I’m always impressed with DAZ and its coterie of artist that continue to bring great products to us.



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Nope, David hasn’t been done yet but there was a thread where I saw either Zev0 or Slosh mentioning it that he was working on it.