Getting DAZ (and Poser) content onto new computer

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I'm trying to get all of my content onto a new computer (with Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit).

I started completely from scratch and used the Daz installation manager which worked pretty well as best I can tell - really haven't done much exploring yet to see what worked and what didn't.

I also have a separate Runtime (with 40GB) - and I'm not really sure how much if any overlap this has with the files already installed with DIM. Can I just add the path to this runtime - or can that lead to conflicts - I remember hearing that multiple installations of V4 o M4 could lead to problems. (probably a mix of things from Freebies / ShareCG; a few purchases from other sites - may have DAZ stuff as well though)

Are there certain files to look for that are know to cause problems if you have duplicates?

I think there was some type of software for comparing files on sale last week at DAZ (and probably off by now) - is that something I need to consider?

Obviously going through 40GB by hand would get pretty tedious - would welcome any advice that keeps me from messing up my installation.

Also, do I need to do anything inside of Carrara to get it to recognize the new content - or should that happen automatically once DAZ has recognized it.

And do I add this runtime from within the Content Directory Manager (via New content set) or is there a pace to enter runtime paths in preferences somewhere?

Thanks for the help


  • Mosk the ScribeMosk the Scribe Posts: 731
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    Anyone? I was waiting for confirmation before having DAZ scan the directory.


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    A simple folder/file dif program should suffice. I use beyond compare 3. They have a free trial version. Dif both folders and see what is the same and what is different. It even gives you the option to move files/folders from one location to another so you don't have to do it manually.

    As far as having V4/M4 installed to multiple locations, yes that is bad you are correct. You should try to keep M4/V4 and any other Gen 4 figures installed and initialized to one location.

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    One final note, if you used DAZ Install Manager to install content into a directory the best practice is to only have content installed by DIM in that directory. DIM keeps track of what is installed in that location. If you manually merge content into that location you could run into problems down the line if you try to uninstall something with DIM. Especially if you have content products that share files like textures.

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    Thanks DAZ_Jared.

    So if I make sure there's no Gen 4 Duplication, how do I then add the path to this new Runtime so I can categorize and use the new content without its management getting taken over by DIM?

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    Edit > Preferences > Content Library > Content Directory Manager, add the path to both DAZ Studio Formats and Poser Formats.

    Dimension3D recently released which is great for finding duplicates, since it has the option of only showing items with the same relative path.

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