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Blender 2.63 OBJ to Studio 64 surface problem
Posted: 05 July 2012 04:11 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi Blender Experts!  I’m not one of you at this time

When I’m attempting to export a model I’m making in Blender into Studio I see a bunch of lines in the surfaces, which I DON’T see on the model when I look at it in Blender.
I’ve tried adding several instances of subdivisions, recalculating the normals, and removing doubles and changing the shading from smooth to flat and vice versa, which I’m stressing is all very new to me and so is Blender.
Can anyone tell me what these are, or better yet how to get rid of them?

Installing DS4 is not an option right now.

here are the Blender OBJ export options if these help.

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Posted: 06 July 2012 12:24 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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As for the settings, I had problems too and got a help to sort it out over at Rendero See thread here.

As you can see I’m not an expert myself but check that all modifiers are applied before export. Some modifiers create alternate surfaces and a export can have several different surfaces stacked.

Cheers! Oom

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Awesome! I’ll give it a go when I have a chance this weekend.

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I would have helped if you had shown a wireframe view.  I suspect you have a poorly modeled mesh with far more polygons and vertices than needed.


Push buttons, see what happens!