Genesis (and other Daz characters) not importing BVH data correctly?

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Hi :)

I have been trying to import mocap data in to Daz Studio 4.6 Pro & Carrara 8.5 Pro, with not much success :(

My final aim is to use the data from Brekel Pro Face & Pro Body motion capture programs to animate Characters that can be used in both Carrara & Daz studio. I have had some success with the Pro Face side of things by importing the data as PZ2 file format in both Daz Studio & Carrara, this works perfect. Where I am hitting a block in the road is with Pro Body exports, it does not export PZ2 but does export BVH. These BVH files work PERFECT in Blender but when importing in to a product (Daz or Carrara) that is using Genesis (or any other Daz character) there are abnormal deformations, hip bone (and other joins) have random rotations and then whole thing turns out to be one big mess. I assume that it is the difference in bone hierarchy/bone naming/structure and need to remap/retarget the rigs to match them up ?

DAZ Team (or anyone else) is there a tool to convert standard BVH files to Genesis (or other character) compatible formats? And if not, anyone want to put one together? :D

Does anyone have success importing mocap data in to CURRENT Daz characters?, I say current as before Genesis was about there seems to be plenty of videos/tuts (etc) that show BVH import working in Daz Studio & Carrara BUT, since Genesis I can find much evidence of BVH imports still working on these 'new' rigs.

If any of you kind people have some help/advice or even links to something showing me (examples/tutorial) success stories please that would be real helpful?

PS: If you need extra info, screen shots,video example etc then please ask :)

I have submitted a request incase it's a bug, Request #159469.

Thanks for reading :D

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    There's nothing wrong with DAZ's BVH import. The discrepancies you get are based on the figures skeleton layout the motions were created with. DAZ's figures have a slightly different and/or advanced skeleton layout (bones' zero positions, number of bones, naming of bones) than those of the basic figures the different software are shipped with. Same goes even to motions created for the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th generation of DAZ figures. Applying an animation made for the 4th generation on a figure of the 5th f.e. gives some crappy results (feet pointing upward, "John-Wayne-walk", etc.).

    I've read somewhere that the "iPi Motion Capture Studio" software ( has a built-in feature that allows to transfer rigging for imported skeletons. Didn't had the chance to test that 'cause this software is f'n expensive.

    Mixamo's ( online editor has the ability to apply the pre-rigged skeleton layout for different figures (Mixamo's own, generic and even DAZ's Victoria/Michael 4) within the workspace and export the motions as BVH, Fbx, etc. Works perfectly.
    Of course this works only on the motions Mixamo sells themselves, I haven't found yet and I doubt there is any option to import own motions and transfer them to various figures. They also offer the ability to import an own figure through their Auto-Rigger (with the abilty for manually adjustments).

    Yes, I've had success applying the free motions from the Mixamo store on current DAZ figures (Genesis, Genesis 2 Female). In their editor I applied the rigging for DAZ Studio characters and exported the motion as a BVH and imported it in DAZ Studio using the basic Genesis figure. Then I created an aniBlock from it. Since there are some differences between Gen4 and Gen5 figures' skeletons I applied an additional aniBlock on a subtrack for corrections (
    Within aniMate you're able to bake the animation to Studio Keyframes and then create an own new aniBlock to avoid the neccessarity to always apply the correction one on a subtrack. Should also work with exporting the motions as a BVH.

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    Stefan47525, Thank you VERY much for your detailed information & help :D

    I did have the trial for ipisoft2 downloaded but had not got round to testing it with Genesis. I am happy to report back complete success and am currently rendering a 'quick & dirty' test of my results. I used Pro Face (with PZ2 export) for the facial animation & IPIsoft2 for the body motion (& re targeting of bones) and it all kinda just flowed real nice :D

    I have not concentrated on the quality of animation so much as the process and now I understand that, I can start putting some 'better' work together. I think I will end up going for the two kinect supported version of IPIsoft (when I can afford it) so will be making the most of the 30 day trial and capture as much motions as possible between the trial running out and me being able to buy the full version.

    You provided me with a lot of help for which I am most grateful, Thank you :D

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