Updates and old scenes

DrPingyDrPingy Posts: 72
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Appear almost daily new updates from DAZ.
I install that with DAZ install manager.
What is with old scenes?
Will they update too?
An example from today: an update of Olympia6 is done.
Can I find this update in my scene from yesterday? I think not.

If not how can I update the scene without trouble?


  • JonnyRayJonnyRay Posts: 431
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    The scene file doesn't store the actual objects, characters, textures, etc. it stores references to them. So if the update replaces files stored in your content library, there is no need to update your scene. I suppose there could be a few exceptions (like new morph injections that the powerloader didn't load the first time), but most updates should be automatic for your existing scenes, etc.

  • DrPingyDrPingy Posts: 72
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    Ok. I understand.

    How can I load the new morph injections?

    For example I miss some genesis head morphs that I have intalled after scene creations.

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