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is there an easy way to copy the pose from one figure (say m4) and apply it to another of the same figure?


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    Choppski said:
    is there an easy way to copy the pose from one figure (say m4) and apply it to another of the same figure?

    In Carrara you will need one of the Fenric plugins:

    Either POSE AND SHADING 2 (copy pose to another figure)
    BVH/PZ2 exporter (export PZ2 pose, and apply it to another figure)

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    The quickest way to do it may be to use the NLA clips feature. Pose your figure, makes sure your figure is selected and click the NLA tab and select Master Pose. You will be asked to name the pose and it will then be available under the clip tab. Drag the clip to the figure you wish to pose, make sure it is at the beginning of the time line, and viola! Duplicate pose.

    You can save your pose to the Browser, by dragging the clip icon from the clips tab and dropping it on the Clips section of your browser. It might help to set up folders for such clips based on models with the same rigging, such as a folder for M3 and a different folder for M4, etc.

    I should add that I don't know if it saves morphs or not, so you may want to play around with it to test it.

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    thats terribly helpful producer

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    Regarding morph saving, I recall that when saving the Master Pose, and it brings up the Parameters thingy where you can enter a pose name, if you scroll all the way down the character tree, thru all the useless morphs and stuff, there's an entry call Body Morphs or something like that. You can either set it or uncheck it if you want morphs too.

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