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[resolved] Custom Action editor

Sylva1nSylva1n Posts: 0
edited July 2012 in Daz Studio Discussion


I created a Custom Action by right clicking a material in the Content Library and selecting "Creat Custom Action".
A Custom Action has been added in the Scripts menu.

Is there a way to remove it or edit it?

Where is this Custom Action stored? Is it related to a file?

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  • SzarkSzark Posts: 9,989
    edited December 1969

    Yes you can delete it by going to Edit > Customise or F3. Once the new window is open you will see on the left a list of folders. Your Custom Action should be under the first heading called Custom. Expand the folder and find your Action, right click and Delete Custom Action.

    You can also Edit it from there.

    As to where it is stored I have no idea sorry.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,446
    edited July 2012

    The Customise dialogue lets you add, remove, and edit custom actions - and chaneg which menu they appear in. It's in Window>Workspace>Customise in DS 4.5, Edit>Customise in older versions. Actions are listed on the left, right-click on one for a menu of options.

    The actions are stored in action.dsx, which is in the DS application settings folder - C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\DAZ 3D\Studio 4\ for Vista and Windows 7.

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  • SzarkSzark Posts: 9,989
    edited December 1969

    It's in Window>Workspace>Customise in DS 4.5, Edit>Customise in older versions. .

    LOL I will have to remember that Richard. I think my Workspace layout and style I use might confuse folks. See the image below, this is 4.5 RC 2
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