Importing collada motion capture files

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I'm a newb when it comes to animation. I downloaded some motion capture in colldada (.dae) form for Daz Studio from However, when I import them into Daz, nothing shows up. The bones appear in the scene tab, but the animation and the figure is invisible (or non-existent). Furthermore, I'd like to know how to correctly apply the motion capture to my genesis figures. If the animation does indeed exist but I just can't see it, how do I retarget the animation to my figure? Do I need aniMate2 to do that or is the lite version sufficient?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,604
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    Collada is usually a scene or figure file, motion files tend to be .bvh. I suspect that DS simply doesn't know what to do with the figures in the files you are using.

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