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Okay, I'm not a fan of the Commons Stickies so this will sound silly coming from me.

How come the Members Only Forum gets a Most commonly viewed threads sticky so the users do not have to hunt them everytime and the Commons users do not get the same treatment?

I can count several threads that have carried over from the old forums that could use that same treatment here in the commons.

Let me name a few, The Reality Thread, The Avatars Thread, The So You want to reander a Superhero Thread, The Complaint Thread, The Star Trek Builders Thread, The Jack Tomilin (JAS III) Thread, and others not mentioned that are now spread all over the commons and moving to different pages almost every day.

Sure we can bookmark our favorite threads but what about NEW USERS that never knew about those threads and might think the older and deeper pages are just not worth bothering with?

Just wondering?


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    To be honest the Stickied thread in The MO forum is not actually a "Most commonly viewed" thread as a thread containing links to Useful threads, and Ricahrd has started a sticky thread of "useful resources" here, which is the equivalent.

    On the other hand I personally agree that this idea is a good one for the popular threads, and will raise the question elsewhere.

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    Actually it's title is Members only Fun and Games. That is not a Most Useful Sticky in my book. It might have been thought of as such but the name just begs to differ.

    Thank you for the consideration.

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    OK, point taken.

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