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about location of textures and metadata file
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Why are textures files and metadata files stored in My Library/Runtime?

It seems that /Runtime is related to Poser Format. So why was this location chosen for DAZ specific files (metadata in /Runtime/Support) and for textures of Genesis products (/Runtime/textures)?

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When DS was first created all we had was Poser format, so the devs used that folder structure in DS.

Then there’s the content that’s available for use in DS, roughly 90% of which is in Poser format, so you need someplace to put all of that content as it wont show up under DS native directories.

Then there’s the simple matter of it being the safest place to store those files, as ‘data’, ‘Runtime’ & ‘ReadMe’s’ are the only folders in My Library that are hidden from the Content Library, everything else shows up including the uninstallers for the free content that comes with DS4.


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