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Multi-Layered Image Editor Installtion Help!

DrowElfMorwenDrowElfMorwen Posts: 341
edited July 2012 in Daz Studio Discussion

I recently tried to (re-install) the Multi-Layered Image Editor for DAZ Studio 3 but it is not letting me pick my default directory. Normally everything installs in F:\DAZ\Studio, but when I do the LIE Installation it will not stop defaulting to C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio3\.

It is not giving me a choice to change the directory!

Normally I would fix such a problem by manually moving everything, but as you can see my folder is DAZ, not DAZ 3D, and I'm afraid it won't read right even if I do copy it all over. Folders don't even match.

For the DAZ Studio 3 folders, there is docs, plugins, resources, uninstallers. But I don't see any of these in my own DAZ directory except resources. So I popped everything into F:\DAZ\Studio which is where the resources file is. But when I opened DAZ nothing is there. The menu doesn't show.

Please help, it'd be appreciated!

Also, I have used default LIE stuff in DAZ studio already. The problem is I cannot edit stuff myself so I keep thinking it didn't install right, even thoughI can use LIE products fine. I just cannot find anywhere where to open the LIE menu window.

Also, I went under the Help menu to "About Installed Plugins" Everything is showing now invalid, including the LIE, but I have bought this, so I don't understand >.>

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  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 16,359
    edited December 1969

    The LIE is not content, but a plugin for the program, and does not get installed to your content folder, but to the location of the program.

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 9,989
    edited December 1969

    As mike said above it should just install to Daz Studio 3 without giving you the chance to install to a different directory, it should find the correct location by itself. This is true for all Daz Studio Plug-ins.

  • DrowElfMorwenDrowElfMorwen Posts: 341
    edited December 1969

    Ah, okay... so... I don't understand. How do I FIND it in DAZ? DAZ is not finding it. I have DAZ itself on an external harddrive because it would never fit on my computer (a laptop). So with this plugin going into my C drive... I mean, please explain this to me. I cannot find it within DAZ Studio, and the program isn't finding it either. Apparently, anyway. When I go into my textures tab and to a draw-down menu there is no choice for LIE at all. It's not there.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 32,531
    edited December 1969

    Where is the DAZ Studio application file - F:\DAZ\Studio or C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio3\? The plugin should go in the Plugins folder in the application folder, rather than in a content folder.

    DS can read LIE files without needing the plugin, so what you are experiencing is consistent with it being in the wrong place or being the wrong version - exactly which version of DS are you running (Help>About DAZ Studio), and which versions of the plugins?

  • DrowElfMorwenDrowElfMorwen Posts: 341
    edited December 1969

    Studio is my version.

    And the program is LIE DS3.

    LIE DS3 installed into C:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio3

    My DAZ runs from F:\DAZ\Studio

  • DrowElfMorwenDrowElfMorwen Posts: 341
    edited December 1969

    Actually sorry my DAZ does run from "C:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio3\DAZStudio.exe"

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 9,989
    edited December 1969

    Well if your Daz Studio is installed to your main hard drive being C: then I am at a loss to what is happening.

    It does sound like your installation is messed up with the mention of your F: drive.

    Any chance you could uninstall DS3 and start again. If all the plug-ins are showing Invalid then I think reinstalling is going to be your best option.

    Sorry for the delay in responding as I have had no electric until now.

  • DrowElfMorwenDrowElfMorwen Posts: 341
    edited December 1969

    I might just have to try that. It's so odd it's asking me for a serial number for the LIE, but I'd like to know where to get one. I have no idea how, and it should be reading it just fine. phaw.

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 9,989
    edited July 2012

    Well if it is asking for a serial number then don't do anything yet.

    Go your your Account page and scroll down to were is says "My Serial Numbers" and you should find the serail number there for LIE. Then just Copy and paste the serial number in the "About Plug-ins" window in Daz Studio. If Right clicking mouse to copy doesn't paste try the keyboard shortcuts of CTRL + C to copy and then CTRL + V to paste making sure no spaces are present at the end of the serial number.

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  • DrowElfMorwenDrowElfMorwen Posts: 341
    edited December 1969

    Thank you I will try that!

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