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The link above is the product I'm trying to use and am having an issue with. Basically my issue is pretty simple I'm trying to just recreate the wall in that image using the layer image shader and back drops made easy product just something quick and simple to test with. When I go to apply the shading that works just fine but if I try to add in a second layer that's where i have the issue the second layer over writes the original.

I'm not sure where i need to make the change in the image so that one sits on top of the other any help would be appreciated.


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 43,344
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    Are you using a transparency map to control where the bottom layer should show through? If not replacement is what should happen.

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    :blank: Don't mind the deer in headlights look lol. I'm thinking nope where do I find that information?

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