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New User Contest Rules and Regulations

DAZ_ann0314DAZ_ann0314 Posts: 1,710

Beginner's Contest Rules and Regulations
UPDATED: April 5th, 2016

If you have any questions on the following rules, prize distribution, etc., please feel free to PM me or e-mail [email protected]
(Please be sure to remove the space before and after the @ sign)

1. Be logged in to your DAZ3D Forum account to submit a valid entry. We will not accept Annonymous or Guest Entries.
2. Submit your image in .jpg format to the appropriate contest entry thread.
3. Upload you image using the Post Reply - Browse to Attachment feature (In other words please do not link to your image but rather post it to the thread)
4. Submit no more then 2 images to any one contest.
5. Post your final images/entries to the Official Contest Thread. For revisions, advice, or discussions on your final image before submitting it, please post to the WIP Thread.
6. Include the following information in the in the post that accompanies your entry:
----Image Title
----Software Used to Create the Image.

7. Follow the DAZ Terms of Service. No nudity, violence or profanity will be allowed.
8. Please enter images created specifically for this contest and not previously available for public viewing.

Clarification of Rule #8 (Updated to help clarify on 04/05/16)
You Cannot enter the image (even with modifications) in the New User Contest and another Contest. The image MUST be created NEW specifically for the New User Contest. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] before entering your image.

Any artwork found to violate the above rules of the contest will be pulled from the contest and that member notified by PM in an attempt to give the entrant time to fix any infractions and let them resubmit.

1. Make revisions to your entry as well as get feedback and comments within the WIP thread that is posted with the official contest thread every month. A link to the accompanying comment thread will be located in the Contest thread for those interested in getting feedback or advice on their artwork.
2. Use any 3D program you choose to create your image.
3. Post-work your image. Please keep within the spirit of the contest though. (Example: If a contest is on lighting, please experiment with the lighting within your application of choice rather then applying lighting effects within your 2D Applications)
4. Post your image within the WIP Thread during the creation process.
5. Post your image publicly once you have completed the final image and submitted it to the Official Contest Thread. (Any image found to have been created before the contest start but then entered into the New User Contest will be removed.)

You may articipate in the WIP Thread and receive feedback and advice without actually entering the contest. To enter the contest your final image must be in the Entries Thread. If you would like feedback but do not wish to participate in the contest, just simply do not add your artwork to the Entries Thread.

1. This contest is open to individuals only. Groups are not allowed. DAZ3D Published Artists and members of their immediate families are not eligible to enter. Void where prohibited.
2. If you are selected as a contest winner or honorable mention, you agree that the New User Contest Organizers may publicize your community name and your contest entry. Apart from the prizes associated with being selected as a winner, the 2012 Beginner's Contest organizers shall not be obligated to compensate you in any way for such publicity.
3. Each entrant shall indemnify, defend, and hold the New User Contest Organizers and DAZ3D harmless from any third party claims arising from or related to that entrant's participation in the contest. In no event shall the 2012 Beginner's Contest organizers or DAZ3D be liable for acts or omissions arising out of or related to the contest or to an entrant's participation in the contest.
4. Odds of winning depend on the number and quality of entries received.
5. All taxes, including income taxes, are the sole responsibility of winners.
6. No prize substitution is permitted.
7. Winner(s) may be required to verify their entry.

Note: All images entered in the contest are copyrighted and owned by the artist. By submitting to the contest, the artist agrees to grant the New User Contest Organizers the right to print or otherwise re-publish the submitted images in various marketing or web materials so long as credit is given to the artist as the original creator of the image(s). No image(s) may be taken or used by any other third party without permission from the artist.

Winners will be chosen by a poll of community volunteers; the image with the most votes will be awarded First Place; the image with the second most votes will be awarded Second Place; the image with the third most votes will be awarded Honorable Mention. Images are judged based on subject matter, image quality, lighting, design/composition, technique, and how appropriate the image is for the theme of the contest. All decisions by the judges are final and if a winner forfeits their prize it may only be awarded to another entrant at the discretion of the Contest Organizers. .

First Place (One Winner per Month)
- $ TBA DAZ3D Gift Certificate

Second Place (One Winner per Month)
- $ TBA DAZ3D Gift Certificate

Honorable Mention (One Winner per Month)
- $ TBA DAZ3D Gift Certificate

Other prizes may be offered at the Sole Discretion of the Beginner's Contest Organizers and DAZ3D

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  • DAZ_ann0314DAZ_ann0314 Posts: 1,710
    edited March 6

    1) The winning entries will be announced on the DAZ3D forums within the Contest Entry Thread as soon as possible after the contest closing date.
    2) Said announcement should take place within 72 Hours of the Closing Date of the contest (unless announced otherwise).
    3) All Prizes (INCLUDING GIFT CERTIFICATES) must be claimed by a Forum PM to frank0314 within 7 Days of the winners being announced.
    4) Gift Certificates should be Applied to the Accounts of the Winners within 72 hours of ALL the Winners notifying frank0314 (Unless Otherwise Specified).

    On occasion where additional prizes such as DAZ3D or Published Artist's Products are given as a prize, the announced winners will need to contact frank0314 via Forum PM to give him information on your prize selections. Simply give him the link to the pack(s) in question that you would like as your prize.
    Unclaimed prizes may be redistributed to another entrant at the sole discretion of DAZ3D or the Beginner's Contest Program Coordinators.
    Beginner's Contest Coordinators and DAZ3D will not be liable for non-received prize notifications.

    Example/Explanation of How to Claim your Product(s) of Choice:
    1) If the Sponsor for the month was RawArt, you would go to RawArt in the store (Shop - then choose Vendor towards the Top - Go to the Rs and click on RawArts Name)
    2) Browse the selection of items (being sure to keep in mind any exclusions that may have been mentioned in the contest thread.
    3) Select a product that qualifies (for this example I am picking Ogora the Orc HD)
    4) Copy the link for the product page in question (In the example of Ogora this is the link: http://www.daz3d.com/ogora-the-orc-hd)
    5) Paste the link to whatever pack into a PM to frank0314

    If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me! [email protected]

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  • DAZ_ann0314DAZ_ann0314 Posts: 1,710
    edited July 5

    Graduation from the New User's Contest

    *Upon winning the New Users Contest (1st Place) once and then any other place (1st, 2nd, or 3rd), you will receive a PM asking if you would like to join the group as a Peer Mentor. A Peer Mentor is someone we believe has show to have excellent command of the skills we are trying to teach and is ready to basically Graduate from the New Users Contest into Contests being offered in the forums and also has show the skill necessary to help mentor other new users in the Contest WIP Threads.

    As a Beginners Contest Graduate (Peer Mentor) you will be unable to enter the Beginners (New User's) Contests as an entrant but through participating and helping others just starting out will be eligible for other prizes only available to those mentoring in the Contest WIP Threads. We do this in an effort to give as many as possible a real chance at winning the contests and in an effort to have those who are now ready to explore more intermediate to advanced concepts the ability to help others who are just starting out while not losing their ability to still win prizes.

    If you have any questions about this graduation process/program, please feel free to contact me using the contact information in the first post of this thread.

    *Updated: 07/05/16

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