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Very poor customer service
Posted: 21 December 2013 11:22 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 46 ]
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I know frustrating it may be, but - if Mrs Britney took care of the report, I am pretty sure she will eventually fix that. I don’t know another helpdesk assistant who actually THANKS YOU when you report the pro bundles for M5 and V5 had gone mad and display as freebies. Give her time - in this case, a lot, because you, poor soul, definitely have crossed ways with Murphy’s Law (the weather, approaching Christmas, weekend, loss of the order number). I usually had to wait a week, but I always got a reply. In fact, when I got the first message (not counting that “We’ll get back to you shortly” thing), the case was followed with day-to-day accuracy.

In the meantime, think about other proofs that you paid for V3 stuff. I personally make printscreens from every order I make and store them in a special folder, which is backed-up from time to time. Do you have similar proofs? Maybe a confirmation e-mail? Printscreens of your library when you had V3 in there? Try to provide the helpdesk with as many proofs as possible and be patient. That’s all you can do (and think positively, fingers crossed for you).


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I was browsing the wayback site with DAZ (hilarious to see those old formats!) and stumbled across this by accident.
The site is still fully operational and I can even place orders!
Daz was called Zygote Poser Division back then…
But as you can see, they did give a few generation 3 figures away for free.

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wendy♥catz - 21 December 2013 11:17 AM

yes bought extended download for PP12 not for all the free animals I got once!
and a fair few other things
but backed em all up.
yes WILL rebuy Hiro if he goes on sale, just missed one before I discovered my loss.
to OP try downloading DS2 from your account history library with the fairy forest scene, I did that not long ago.
has a base V3 at least

The Fairy Forest Content is the V3 Reduced Resolution Figure.  It is not the V3 base figure.  That’s a mistake everyone keeps making with this content.

The Reduced Res figures for M3 and V3 which are part of the Fairy Forest and the larger 3D Starter Content can use the M3 and V3 textures and clothing but they cannot use the M3 or V3 morphs.  They have a limited number of morphs included and that’s it. 

M3 and V3 were first given away back in January of 2005 when C5Pro was released.  DAZ even gave pro rated refunds to purchasers of V3 and M3.  After January of 2005, DAZ lowered the price on V3 and M3 base to around $9.95 each (big difference from $39.95 each). 

If the OP purchased V3 base before January of 2005, he would have received a store credit for the refund.  IIRC, January 2005 was also when V3 SAE (Special Anniversary Edition) was released.


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