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It seems like every Character for Genesis look at in the store requires v4 morphs which require v4! This seems so illogical to me. Is no one designing simply for the Genesis base figure?


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    Something doesn't seem right. Since v4 and Genesis are different meshes, you should not need both. There are many figures in the store that have Genesis and V4 morphs included but you should not need both. There is a V4 shape for Genesis. If the figure requires that it should state that. I have not run into that yet.
    The requirements are sometimes very confusing or misleading. Can you post a couple samples of the figures you are looking at?

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    I think what you see is characters that are both for Genesis and V4, they have requirements for both Genesis and V4 in the list. If you only will use it on Genesis you should only bother about Genesis requirements. But I agree, the requirements should be "per figure", like Genesis: Genesis Evolution Body Morphs & Genesis Evolution Head Morphs; V4: V4 Morphs ++.

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    Yes, that Required Products section is a bit misleading: it looks like it's saying "you must have all of these" — but frequently it actually means "you need to have at least one of these".

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    Thank you to all.

    I believe you are correct. I did a search for Women with Genesis in the Narrow By section. What resulted was what you see below.

    Based on answers in this thread, I put Nadia in my cart. The requirements then changed to Genesis Evolution Body Morphs. I did purchase the Body Morphs + Nadia and things seem to be working beautifully.

    So a good rule of thumb is sort with the Narrow By??

    Yes... a bit confusing for the newbies :-)

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    Some of the Required for use info's are incorrect. When and if you find those please send a ticket to sales and point out the errors. That will help the DAZ 3D team fix the info for all users in the future.

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    That particular one is a hybrid, so not so much incorrect as lacking some info, should be either V4 and V4 morphs or Geneisis and the Genesis female elite morphs, at a guess.

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    Well yes, sort of my point, I thought. The info provided is not the FULL info needed thus is incorrect. It Should list ALL figures supported and All required morphs in the Info blurb.

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