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Upgrade from 7 Pro to 8 Pro
Posted: 03 July 2012 02:33 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I would like to upgrade from 7 Pro to 8 or 8.5 Pro but cannot find it in the store.
Is this upgrade available?
Thanks for your help

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Here is the Carrara 8 upgrade.


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Submit a ticket to Sales Support to get a price for the upgrade if there isn’t one in the store.


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I have been having various problems getting an upgrade from 8.1 standard to 8.1 pro. Been trying since before 29th May !!!
There were a few separate threads that I either posted myself or joined in on regarding the upgrade process and confusion. Daz dont seem to want to put an upgrade option in the store for 8.1 standard to pro, there IS an upgrade TO 8.1 standard option though!


After a few messages to Zendesk and a phone call I got it sorted wink

I had some help from Britney and Jonie. Britney tried hard to help me but she had problems processing my card online. Strangely Joanie managed to do it by phone after a 10 minute call (dunno how much that cost me from UK to USA!) and now I finally have a copy of 8.1.1 Pro build 12…yay smile

Well, I could have settled for using the 8.5 Beta (and still will use it while available) but I wanted a full pro copy that I could permanently use even after the Beta testing period is over just in case I cant afford the 8.5 upgrade from standard!

I mainly wanted it as the pro version allows import of Syntheyes camera tracking out put files and standard does not. While I (like you) have become dependent on the 8.5 Beta, there is no certainty that I will be able to afford the 8.5 upgrade price on release.

I did get my pro version (upgrade from standard) for a extremely good price of £69.95 smile
While it has been quite a battle to get success, I am grateful that Daz sold the upgrade to me at such a low price. I am sure you can tell from my previous post that my patience was running thin, but now I am finally happy.

A bit scared on how smooth the upgrade process will run when I can afford (and its released) to upgrade to 8.5 pro raspberry

Oh and on a final note: Joanie (if her picture is truly one of her) is an extremely good looking young lady indeed! (he says in that respectful rather than pervy manor)...So not only pretty but pretty helpful too wink



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