Itemized Order History is incomplete ! Some orders are completely missing :-(

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I just started to copy the reset files of my orders to be sure, that I can find everything within a moment, but the real surprise was, that some orders don't appear in the Itemized Order History.
Fortunately they are still in the simple order list. As well I can open the order number, but I cannot reset the files ! :-(
Is that a bug or something else ?!?

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    DAZ has been made aware of this issue. Several of us have things missing from our itemized history.

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    Okay, thank you - then I can wait.

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    Ha I thought I was the only one with missing orders! I ended up going through some old backup discs, and found files I had purchased from DAZ but they weren't in my order history when I was resetting stuff. I thought I was going blind, because I tried finding them in my history. Least I know I'm not alone now :)

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