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So I downloaded and was using Daz Studio (64-bit) for Windows (I have Windows 8). I had been using it without any issues and then one day I got a "fatal error" when launching DS. I have uninstalled, deleted the files completely, re-downloaded and re-installed DS all from scratch, but I am still getting the same error. Here is the error exception I am getting.

DAZStudio.exe caused INT_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO in module "C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\QtGui4.dll" at 0033:0000000050D2E5AF, QPixmap::grabWindow()+4719 byte(s)

I have tried deleting this file, but then I get an error saying that DS can't open because that file is missing. Anybody else having this problem or know how to fix it?


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    Sounds like a graphic card error. Check and see if you have an updated driver from the manufacturer website.

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    Thanks, but I'm actually using my laptop which has integrated graphics. I have an AMD A6-5350M APU with Radeon HD Graphics. I know it's not a power computer and it can't handle large scenes, but like I said, for reasonably simple stuff, it was running just fine before and then suddenly wasn't.

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    Which may indicate Windows updating the driver without telling you - I'm not sure where it is in Windows 8 but if you type Update on the Start screen you should be able to get to Windows Update and then the Update History to check recent actions.

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    This looks very familiar and I got this also. What I found is by shutting down all background tasks such as and most importantly
    any virus protection, windows firewall, and programs that run unless your shut them down such as Steam updater or and program using
    a virtual aid. The error would dissappear after this but would return if I forgot one of these was still running.
    Try it and see if this helps you.

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    Joerminer, I know that this is a bit of a bump, but did you ever manage to resolve this issue? My Daz Studio crashes at launch as well and I've taken the same steps, unsuccessfully, to fix that you have posted here.

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    Just an idea, but try searching your system for "QtGui4.dll" in any folder. I'm curious if something else may have installed the QT GUI DLL file and you may be getting a conflict.

    Also, check your Update logs to see if Windows Update installed some update recently that may be causing the crash?

    Finally, as drcuda77 mentions, sometimes this can actually be a symptom of your PC running out of resources. So make sure that unnecessary background applications aren't running.

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