Good written tutorials?

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Hi guys,

As a fairly dedicated Poser user who has literally just switched to Daz Studio, I am sorely in need of good tutorials. Does anyone know where I can find a good collection of written tutorials? The video ones go much too slowly for me.

I'm talking the most basic of basics, like: where is the facecam, how to use IK, hotkeyes, what the hell the sidebars are used for, where can I find my figure's morph dials, etc

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    I'd suggest you visit the new user's forum -> I realize you're not new to 3D, but there's a lot of great information to be had there and the people there are extra friendly and won't skip over your post as often happens in the very busy Commons area.

    As to where can you find your figure's morph dials? Usually on the Parameters tab, but also on the Shaping tab. As a previous 3D app user, I'd strongly recommend you switch to the Dark Side style (Windows > Styles > Select Style) and the City Limits layout (Windows > Workspace > Select Layout). This will expose almost all the options to you and give you a more streamlined GUI.

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    I'll check it out, and thanks for the layout tips... I feel a little more at home now xD

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    I just watched the content libary video. the (person who did this has no idea what it is doing)!! Where did you find it( disney land)

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