Combining Genesis Morphs

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So, I'm working on this figure using Thorn's morphs, and I want to create a single morph out of them for distribution (that's in the TOS as allowed by Thorne)

And I have not the first clue how to combine morphs... I'm tempted to try doing it via Hexagon... but if there's an easier way...


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    Er, can't do that. Not that route anyway as it wouldn't be legal for distribution.

    However, what you could do is dial them to partial values and save a .duf character preset. This would then allow others to re-create your settings while ensuring that they have the necessary content.

    This should work for Gen4 as well as Genesis content though, admittedly, I haven't tried it with Gen4 stuff.

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    On Gen4, you'll need to look in the Community INJ parameter area to find the character-specific injected morphs to change their values.

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    So I did a quick test for Genesis...

    Princess Sosie

    Here's what I did:
    Loaded up Genesis.
    Applied Princess by Thorne/Sarsa.
    Applied Sosie by Sarsa (make sure to keep it applied to the same genesis and not load a new one).
    On the parameters tab:
    Dialed back Princess Head to .65
    Dialed back SosiaV5 to .45
    File > Save As > Character Preset
    Created an "AMR Mixes" folder
    Saved the result as "Princess_Sosie.duf"
    Stuffed it into a zip file and uploaded it.

    If you have both the Princess and Sosie products you should be able to apply the resulting duf by going to ~My Library/Presets/Character/AMR Mixes/Princess_Sosie.duf after expanding the above zip file to your My Library folder (or wherever you have Genesis installed).

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    Correction: If you mean the Genesis Head Morph Resource Kits, then yes, you can kind of do what you're after.

    However, the methodology is more difficult...

    What I would do is dial all the resource kit values to achieve the character I want. Once that's done export the resulting base-resolution mesh to an OBJ file, then use Morph Loader Pro to create a new Morph based on that OBJ file. Go through the whole parameter editor routine and viola, custom single dial morph that doesn't require someone to own the original product.

    This is a valid route because they are Merchant Resources.

    ETA: Make sure no scaling or posing is included and no dials from any non-resource kit product are used.

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