Merging Poser & DAZ Runtimes?

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I have purchased a good deal of product over time, installing much of it in Poser and many others in DAZ Studio.

I currently have Poser Pro 2012 and DAZ Studio 4 Pro.

I'm pretty familiar with the Poser file structure but am less familiar with DAZ's. Is there a way to automatically (or semi-automatically) merge the two Runtimes without causing a lot of problems? Am I courting disaster?

Thanks for any advise or links in advance.


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    Open DS4 Prefs, Select Content Library, at the bottom is Content Directory Manager. Just add your Poser Runtimes as both Daz Studio Format and Poser Format. That is all you need to do. Be sure you keep the DS folders on top, DS will save Data into the first listed folder.

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    Ye. I wouldn't merge. Rather have Daz point to both Daz and poser directories.

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    Thanks, guys. That was helpful.

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