Daz Studio 3: Dynamic Clothing Help

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So yeah. I'm still working with DS3 because it lags a lot less on my computer. I'm running an AMD Athlon II X4 with integrated graphics, and DS4 is very slow.

The problem I have is with draping Dynamic Clothing. Normal drape time is from ~20 seconds to 2 minutes, but recently I've been getting VERY slow drapes with the same items I've normally used. DS3 freezes up, Windows treats it as not responding, and it takes 18 minutes to drape the same item.

Dunno what's happening, everything else is running at the normal speeds.


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    Is it possible the items are having to collide against more objects in the scene? Maybe an uberenviorment light dome or something like that..

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    Try this. Only load the items that it will collide with and run the drape. Then add the other elements of the scene. That will give the most RAM and Proccesor you can get for the drape. Then finish building the scene, textures and poly counts can and will slow the drapes down by limiting ram for the processing.

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    Hm. I didn't change anything, and it's back to normal when I restarted Daz. That's weird... could it be a memory leak?

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