Flying Creatures?

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Is there a list of flying creatures rigged for DAZ/Poser, maybe?

I'm looking for a flying mount, something different from the usual dragons and pegasi. Something like the Pteranodon, but a bit more fantastic. Like the Fell Beasts from Lord of the Rings, or Taarna's mount from Heavy Metal.


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    Wyvern 2.0 is probably the closest to what you're after that I can immediately think of...

    Other fantastical fliers, the Legendary Griffon, there's a Hippogriff, Manticore, Icaronycteris (DinoRaul), somewhere there used to be a set of tack for the old daz dragonfly, let's see... what else... Well, I guess you could probably "graft" a set of fantasy wings to just about anything you wanted too... Texture matching would be the biggest challenge there.

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    There are lots of Creatures and with Genesis you can even build your own... (Genesis doesn't come with wings, but you will be able to use any wings that were made for Gen4 or Props that are useable in Poser and/or DAZStudio. And of course there are the Epic Wings ... and the fitting expansion

    Just looking at the Creatures Section of the Shop you'll find many possibilities that will work with Poser and DAZ Studio... most of them in both Programs...

    not all of them were made to ride through the sky on their bakcs, but... just look at the Wasp... ^^ or the BEO Riper with his Wing-Expansion... and I always pictured the Elebeast flying... guess I'm Disney-Dumbo-marred *sigh*

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    Almost forgot... If you're a Poser user, there's the Skywyrm ( ) that requires Poser's Dynamic Cloth room, but looks pretty epic. :)

    There is a texture expansion for it as well as a "bull" version (stand alone).

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    The Millennium Cow will have large Angel Wings which morph into Jet Packs and/or Helicopter Propellers.

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    The Millennium Cow will have large Angel Wings which morph into Jet Packs and/or Helicopter Propellers.

    The unofficial mascot of Sears Point raceway (original name) is a cow with fuel injection stacks and high-mounted dual exhaust. :lol:

    On the content side, the Moorland Dragon looks suspiciously like a certain flying reptile from a very successful movie with blue people...

    The one in Heavy Metal looked kind of like a flying reptile with the head of a pigeon. Not my favorite.

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