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Today’s laugh - thanks to the new store ;)
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LycanthropeX - 03 July 2012 11:51 AM

I tend toward more horror / suspense type films, the classic stuff like the Universal films of the 30s, but i did enjoy Saw and Hostel, not for the gore, but I thought the plot and character development was interesting. Hostel did make me cringe a bit, most films don’t do that to me. But I usually have a gallon or 2 of blood in my fridge and I have skeletons in my living room, so I guess I am kinda used to that sort of thing. I see gore in a movie and to me its just bits of latex rubber and stage blood.

is that real blood in your fridge?  if so what kind?


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no lol, its fake blood. It is completely edible, but I can’t tell you what is in it. It is a tradition among FX make up people, they all have their own fake blood recipe and no one ever reveals exactly what is in their own personal recipe. I like mine because it has a realistic clot factor, so when it starts to dry it looks like real dried blood and scabs.

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