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Advice on how to proceed with model
Posted: 22 November 2013 02:39 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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RedSquare - 21 November 2013 03:28 PM

@Roygee ~

Hi Red - long time…  smile

  Indeed, too many new software releases to learn; to few brain cells to accomplish.  LOL



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Hi Roygee!!

I’m not sure why, but I did not get an email to tell me about your last post.  If all went well, I have a screen capture from ScreenHunter attached to this post.  I am perfectly clear on what you are saying.  That is not what I was looking for.  I am dealing with the distorted cylinder from your previous post.  I think it is #3.

The screen capture here is the result of a mathematical approach to the problem.  I created a spread sheet into which I place the X, Y, and Z numbers from the property sheet.  I can start from the top or the bottom of the model, so let’s use the 0 Axis as my example.  If one of my cylinder devisions is running across the cylinder and therefore 90 degrees to the cylinder length, I know that the X axis for the numbers in the X of the property sheet will all be 0 since the line is set there. 

What can get messed up, are the Y and Z values.  The whole cylinder is not a complete mess, but there will be points that are out of alignment on the Y and Z axis.

So, if I start at the bottom of the model, I know that my X is 0, and my Y and Z are on a reference drawing and therefore should be positioned where they should be.  I enter the X,Y and Z from the property sheet into the “Bottom” line of my spreadsheet.  I skip one horizontal line and therefore land on the third line from the bottom.  I enter the X,Y and Z from this point into the “Top” line of my spreadsheet.  I add the x’s to each other and divide by two to average them and then add this value to the bottom x value.  I do the same for Y, and then for Z.

Once I have added the six numbers, my spreadsheet shows the values to enter into the property box for the point that I skipped.  It takes a little time, but if I work my way through the point, I will have them all lined up into a clean skin on the fuselage.

(Added in edit)  I have a

tag before this example and 

at the end.  Why isn’t the text in fixed format?

                       X          Y          Z
Top            .58       2.846   

Bottom      .58       2.739   

# to Enter  .58      2.792    -1.124

Formula  =    ((Xtop-Xbottom)/2)+Xbottom,   ((Ytop-Ybottom/2)+Ybottom,  ((Ztop-Zbottom)/2)+Zbottom 

I have a slope across and along the wings to deal with, so I will note the highest point, and then the lowest point.  If I set equal measured distances for a grid that covers the wing, I can mathematically calculate what the values need to be to get an even slope in both directions. 

I have some photos that I can mark up with grids to see what the actual slopes are and hopefully I can determine the true slope angles to use.

I am also not doing the model in one shot.  I have restarted with just the fuselage, and then I will do the basic body, next the engines, then the wing extension, tail wing and verticals.

I think I have an answer to my question that I can work with.  I thank everyone for their input, ideas and help. 

Can functions be built for Hexagon?  I’d love to be able to enclose three consecutive points and have a button to push that will then tell me the numbers for X, Y and Z that I need to enter for the point in the middle.

Please post if you have any questions or concerns with what I am doing here.



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Well, that is certainly a novel approach - glad its working for you smile  Looking forward to seeing the completed model.

Pity there is no SDK available for Hex - it would be great if users could write plugins such as this to make life easier.


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