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This seems like a really sub-basic question, but I haven't found the answer on my own. In Model room, want to select a vertex object. Ex: a circle that has been unfilled,leaving just the edges.. How do I select the whole thing, not just one edge? If there are other objects close by, (say other interconnected circles) the block select may catch those also, so I'm looking for something else. I have the selection mode set to regular, but have tried polygon and edge as well to see if there would be a difference. I can only select one edge at a time. I think I'm looking for another mysterious keyboard command...can somebody please help?


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    In the selection tools area, just below the options for Edge / Vertex / Polygon selection.
    thee are a set of buttons which allow you to (Loop, Ring, select Between two selected parts, Invert the selection, and either contract or expand a selection. (+ / -) these allow you to Grow a selection to select more.

    If you have more than one object in the modelling room, you can double click on any part to select the whole polymesh.
    any other objects will not be selected.

    As you work and build objects,.. it's good practice to "name" objects and shading domains.
    This makes selecting easier, as you can "Select by" name (polygon / polymesh / edge / Vertex).. or by shading domain.

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    the paintbrush tool selects whatever it is "painted" over
    (bit dicky, if you accidently move vertices you need to undo and click it again)
    I use "hide selection" a lot to get bits out of the way so I can lasso what I want then holding shift unselect any bits I accidently got
    I also often create temporary shading domains to hide various bits

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    Thank you. I knew it would something that simple. I'm sure I clicked, double-clicked, smacked it, and stomped on it.
    Why do they not put these simple things in the front of manuals somewhere? The people that write this stuff seem to forget what it was like to be at "Square 1".

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