Meet Breakfast with a bad attituide - Meet Mr Toastie!

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A silly small fast loading cartoon toast poser prop model.
Comes with a plain toast texture template for making your own faces with.
Plus instruction on how to use a single freeware font to change faces instantly

Note: The font isn't included for copyright reasons.

600 x 600 - 44K


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    Oh, you scared me! When people on the forum talk about "toast" they usually mean something else.

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    the download link on the site is for the christmas cards not Mr Toastie

    is that why he looks a bit cranky lol

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    Stezza is right. I just downloaded it and checked the files just in case it was only a naming issue and Mr Toasties download is the Christmas Cards. Geat idea though, just not sure I would want to face that when I just woke

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    (Edited post since link has been corrected)

    Thanks! Mr Toasty ain't no "Big Butter & Egg Man" :o)

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    thanks very much for this cool prop.

  • EstroyerEstroyer Posts: 1,994
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    That's how I look in the morning most of the time as well...not saying I am cute though XD

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    Actualy, for me, that links leads to a 404 but when into the site and Mr Toastie is now listed with the correct download link and I got it. Just to make sure, I opened the zip and it is the right one.

    Thank you Sparky for this wacky

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    Glad you're all enjoying it!

    Sorry about the minor editing error - the link is now fixed.

    Though the direct links to the freebie zips posted above won't work anymore, use the page link in the 1st post.
    I post pages rather than zips, so you can see the freebie and read any info about it.

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    HOLY!! That's some serious Toast! I can't put my finger on it but the face expression reminds me of a kiddy thing from many years ago. The face and expressions on it were done the very same way. Man I'm old.

    TY, TYVM for the toast mrsparky. (Insert Elvis voice <<< There) Now I must hunt down that silly show as it's bugging me.</p>

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  • mrsparkymrsparky Posts: 210
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    in the supermarket yesterday and had the same feeling when I saw these...:)’s-festive-faces-2/

    ...btw good luck with the tv show hunt :)

  • EstroyerEstroyer Posts: 1,994
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    Those cookies have a different name here but have been very popular with younger kids here.
    I had to think for a second, but they are called "Smoeltjes" here, which means something like "little faces".
    And we also have these in the Netherlands: BN smiling cookies

  • mrsparkymrsparky Posts: 210
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    We get the BN ones over here as well.

    Annoyingly we also suffer from politically correct jobsworths who like to ban traditional silly celebrations like your Black Pete.

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